Curriculum Overview

Posted by pv – 06/10/2015

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The school runs a 2-week (10 day) timetable, each day consisting of five one-hour lessons.

session starting time duration
registration/assembly 08:25 20mins
period 1 08:45 1hour
period 2 09:50 1hour
morning break 10:50 20mins
period 3 11:10 1hour
period 4 12:15 1hour
lunchtime 13:15 50mins
registration 14:05 10mins
period 5 14:15 1hour

For Years 7 to 9 students receive a compulsory core curriculum. At the end of Key Stage 3, the school takes the Year 9 students through an options process of careers advice and guidance to help them each create their personal curriculum for KS4.

In Years 10 and 11 students follow a 50% Core and 50% Options timetable where the latter is a free choice of up to five subjects for each student.

In the Sixth Form students have their own personalised curriculum consisting of courses taken at various levels (AS, A2, BTEC and Diploma).