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Admissions Years

Beal High School is a community comprehensive school. The Local Education Authority, Redbridge, is responsible for all admission arrangements. It has been agreed with Redbridge that our ‘admission number’ is 240. This is the number of students in the year group that can be safely and comfortably accommodated in the school .

For 2015 transfer to secondary school parents are required to complete an application form on which they can name up to six schools in Redbridge and place them in ‘rank order. Students will be considered for each school that is named; however, where students are eligible for a place at more than one school (whether in Redbridge or other areas), their ranking will be used to allocate the place at the school ranked most highly. It is very important that parents think carefully about the rank order.

For Parents

Parents who are unhappy with the school place they are offered, can appeal, in accordance with the School’s Standards and Framework Act 2015. The Local Authority, Redbridge, will provide the necessary information. Some places may arise at Beal High School at a later date as families move. These places will be filled from the waiting list.

Alternately, you can contact us for more details on any query you might have.

We will be happy to help you.

For parents already thinking about a future career for their children, we have links with vocational training providers in the health and fitness industry.

Our partner company Discovery provide scholarships to their gym instructor courses for pupils of ours who demonstrate sufficient aptitude in sports and physical education.

If your child has an interest in those areas and is over sixteen years of age, you or he/she should speak to us about the scholarship.